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AmePower Awarded Siemens USA Diverse Supplier Of The Year

Updated: Mar 18

Atlanta, GA – November 15, 2023, – AmePower's triumph as the "Diverse Supplier of the Year" for Siemens Mobility highlights the pivotal role of diversity in fostering innovation and excellence as a high-power energy technology leader. Siemen’s Mobility recognizes AmePower's commitment to innovation and specialization in the Design, Retrofit, and Modernization of customized solutions for obsolete Propulsion Inverters, APS and LVPS found in Light rail vehicles (LRVs), heavy rail vehicles (HRVs), Locomotives, improving the reliability and lifecycle of legacy fleet.

During the Award Ceremony, Till Kruse, Vice President of Procurement & Logistics stated:

"AmePower supports Siemens with their engineering and manufacturing capabilities to repair and maintain our IGBT based power modules for our locomotives in the field.” - Till Kruse

AmePower History

Originating from Argentina and Venezuela, Karina Doracio and Luis Contreras exemplify the realization of the American Dream for women-owned and minority business leaders in the United States. Luis and Karina started the company as electronics parts distributor in Miami, Florida who gained the trust of the rolling stock companies in the United States. AmePower naturally moved into small repair and retrofits, and in 2006 they were joined by AmePower ‘s CTO, Juan Muñoz is a university colleague of Luis Contreras from Venezuela, and with his helped AmePower transitioned from being a supplier of power electronic parts to actively collaborating with Siemens Mobility in revitalizing their North American SD-160 LRV fleet.

Siemen's Mobility & AmePower

AmePower's first caught Seimens Mobility attention with another project, the modernization of Tren Urbano, a heavy-rail passenger train in Puerto Rico. AmePower played a pivotal role in designing and manufacturing 74 pairs of the Siemens SD-160 IGBT-based power module for this project. Since its implementation in 2017, this solution has consistently demonstrated success, withstanding even severe weather events like Hurricane Maria.

Motivated by AmePower's success in the Tren Urbano modernization project with ACI-Herzog, Siemens Mobility first approached AmePower in 2016 to revitalize their North American SD-160 light rail vehicle (LRV) fleet. AmePower's "smart upgrades" with IGBT power modules were deployed in key locations across U.S. (Denver, Salt Lake City) and Canada (Calgary, Edmonton). This significant milestone demonstrates the transformative impact of AmePower and Siemens Mobility's collaboration, solidifying their leadership in technological advancements within the transportation sector.

Collaboration with Siemens Mobility Sparks Innovation

Leveraging its collaboration with Siemens Mobility on the North American Fleet SD160 Revitalization Project, AmePower has evolved from service-oriented operations to product development. This shift extends beyond conventional services such as overhauling and retrofitting, as AmePower now introduces innovative products to the market. Notably, the MCI module, a compact motor controller, ensures precise control of train propulsion for optimal efficiency and safety. Complementing this, the Portable Test Equipment features a customized rugged laptop with AmePower's proprietary AmeData software, tailored for advanced Propulsion System testing and diagnostics. In a continuation of this groundbreaking innovation, AmePower introduces UltraSine—a versatile power module seamlessly operating across various configurations to meet diverse energy needs, serving applications from trains to EV stations, wind, solar, and energy storage, all in one module.

Beyond Innovation: A Celebration of Diversity and Inclusion

The Siemens U.S. Excellence & Supplier Diversity Award not only applauds AmePower's technological capabilities but also emphasizes the pivotal role of diversity and inclusion in driving innovation in rolling stock and smart mobility. AmePower's commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce has been crucial in cultivating a culture of creativity and collaboration, leading to groundbreaking solutions. From retrofitting legacy propulsion inverters to developing cutting-edge, "future-proof" solutions, AmePower's unwavering commitment to innovation and customer service helps transit authorities avoid costly repairs and move towards a sustainable future.

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