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AmePower's portfolio of high power energy conversion products for customers in rolling stock, renewables, EV charging and infrastructure.


Multi-Purpose Power Module

The UltraSine is a multi-purpose power module that powers electric and hybrid trains, EV charging stations, EV fleet vehicles, wind and solar systems, hydrogen electrolyzers, industrial applications, energy storage systems and more from a single module or multiple modules connected.

  • Power Capacity of up to 0.5 MW per module, scaling up to 3 MW per rack, and enabling the connection of multiple racks to further increase power output.

  • Versatile Configurations: Rectifier and chopper technology for line converters, locomotives, wind generators, wayside power, EMI attenuation, intermediate power, rolling stock traction, wind/solar inverters, industrial machines, and high-power locomotives. All outputs in parallel, single-phase 4x current rating.

  • Parallel Outputs: Enabling scalability and adaptability, it offers single-phase operation, a 4x current rating for load sharing, increased power capacity, and enhanced system reliability to meet diverse energy requirements.

UltraSine Cut-Out 2.png

Motor Control Interface (MCI)

MCI 1.png


  •   Cutting-Edge Technology: MCI boasts an EN 50155 compliant SmartFusion2 SoC with a 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor, enhancing efficiency and safety. Equipment used on rolling stock

  • Precision Propulsion Control: Advanced algorithms enable precise acceleration, deceleration, and speed management for a smooth train ride.

  • Adaptive Intelligence: Constantly monitoring operational conditions, MCI dynamically adjusts power distribution, traction control, and braking mechanisms for optimal energy efficiency and passenger safety.

  • Compact and Compliant: The module's compact design adheres to common railway standards, ensuring seamless integration into existing railway infrastructure.

The MCI module is a compact motor controller, that ensures precise control of train propulsion for optimal efficiency and safety.


Portable Test Equipment (PTE)
& AmeDATA Software 

The Portable Test Equipment is  a customized rugged laptop with AmePower's proprietary AmeData software, tailored for advanced Propulsion System testing and diagnostics.

  • Real-time Monitoring: AmeData software enables technicians to monitor the real-time status of propulsion system LRUs.

  • Variable Logging and Export: The software allows logging of system variables with the capability to export them to files.

  • Parameter Configuration: Technicians can configure propulsion system operating parameters using AmeData.

  • Comprehensive Diagnostics: The software facilitates hardware self-test sequences for LRU diagnosis, troubleshooting through downloaded diagnostic event logs, and the installation of propulsion system software updates.

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