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Founded in 2002, AmePower has earned its place as one of Florida’s top technology and manufacturing companies in the transportation and renewable energy industries, setting the standard worldwide for excellence, innovation and quality in energy conversion.


AmePower began its journey as a company dedicated to worldwide distribution of electronic components. They quickly became a leader in the Southeastern United States specializing in high quality power electronic components for mass transportation, freight, mining, and industrial uses. Several years later in 2008, the business expanded in both services and workforce, to include engineering, repairs and complete overhauls of equipment, and found their niche in the rail industry specializing in propulsion inverter technology. The company began to develop innovative, technical solutions for their clients and by 2016 were designing, developing and manufacturing complete traction systems for the rail industry that included smart technology never before seen in the industry. Additionally, they gained renowned expertise for upgrades and overhauls of propulsion inverters, created plug and play solutions, as well as repowering technology for wind turbines. AmePower caught the attention of one of the world’s most notable global technology firms, who in 2021 brought AmePower on board to design and manufacture solutions for clients on their behalf, to tackle the main issue facing the rail industry - obsolescence of legacy equipment. AmePower serves some of the nation’s most recognized transit authorities including LA Metro, New Jersey Transit, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, RTD Denver, Tren Urbano in Puerto Rico, and internationally in Canada. Apart from their power electronics systems, AmePower is also a Buy America compliant contract manufacturer, providing manufacturing services for overseas clients, contributing to the international business development landscape in the United States.


With over 20 years of specialized expertise, AmePower has developed high-tech and smart solutions to improve the efficiency and reliability of Rail, Electric Vehicles, Military and Industrial Equipment, and has recently expanded to include Solar, Wind Turbine, and Energy Storage systems. The value that AmePower brings to the industry is apparent through five specific areas: Reliability, Innovation, Cost Efficiency, Fast Turnaround, and Product Knowledge/Expertise. Designing and manufacturing a reliable product is AmePower’s number one priority, and the standard of excellence that AmePower holds is key to keeping supply chains running, energy flowing, and passengers moving safely and efficiently across the nation and abroad.

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