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Retrofit and Overhaul




AmePower's holistic approach to overhauling and retrofitting obsolete propulsion inverters has been developed over the past 20+ years, integrating new technology and leveraging extensive engineering excellence.

At AmePower, our commitment to excellence extends to our "plug & play' Retrofit and Overhaul services. We are dedicated to revitalizing and optimizing your high-power electronic systems, ensuring they operate at peak performance and reliability. At times, the replacement of an entire system is not always the most viable or affordable option. Overhauling or retrofitting old, obsolete power modules or complete power converters are a practical alternative.

P2550 Boards After


Quality and reliability are non-negotiable when it comes to critical systems. AmePower stands behind its products, ensuring they are built to withstand the most demanding circumstances.


We take pride in being a trusted partner in shaping the future of electrification. When unforeseen circumstances arise, our innovative solutions ensure your systems stay on track, avoiding costly disruptions and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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proven performance


Amepower is committed to enhancing the performance and reliability of high-power electronic systems. Our meticulous processes ensure any critical equipment operates optimally, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

When customers trust AmePower with their high-power electronics, they're entrusting critical equipment to a team of experts who leave no stone unturned. Amepower meticulous processes are designed to ensure that every aspect of all systems are thoroughly examined and optimized.


Efficiency is at the heart of what Amepower does. High-power Converter systems are often energy-intensive, and inefficiencies can lead to increased operational costs. AmePower's experts are dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of our customer systems. We identify areas where improvements can be made and implement solutions to enhance energy utilization.

​Our dedicated team of experts are committed to maximizing the efficiency of your systems. Here's how we achieve efficiency excellence.



Our expertise allows us to effectively address intricate challenges across industries and develop tailored solutions that effectively meet our customer's unique needs. Explore our comprehensive solutions designed to enhance equipment performance and ensure reliability, even in unpredictable circumstances.


Partnering with AmePower means access to dependable converter technology and a commitment to excellence. Our experienced team is dedicated to delivering results that meet specific requirements and exceed expectations.

Learn more about our solutions by contacting one of our team members.

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