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We are dedicated to continuously improving our manufacturing processes, employing advanced technologies and rigorous quality control measures to produce high-power converters and inverters with exceptional quality. 

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Amepower production Floor

We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner for the provision of power electronics solutions that meet the highest standards of quality, performance, reliability, and sustainability.

Our promise is to ensure the best viable solutions to our partners’ power electronic needs and the achievement of applicable requirements through a flexible approach, the use of state-of-the-art technology, ongoing training, and continuous improvement of our processes.

Management commitment:

AmePower management recognizes the fact that operating successfully in competitive market conditions requires high quality standards for its products and services. It is for this purpose that a quality management system has been set up in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 quality standards. This system enables AmePower to demonstrate conformity to requirements and to eliminate nonconforming process outputs. 

Quality objectives:

Quality objectives shall be measurable, communicated, and compatible within the context and strategic direction of AmePower. AmePower documented quality information conforms with the standards requirements described in the quality management system, determines types of responsibility, and provides procedures, work Instructions and specifications through which our quality objectives can be achieved most efficiently. 

Continuous improvement 

AmePower management undertakes to use all possible means to ensure continuous, and effective implementation of requirements including addressing risks and opportunities, through the ongoing process of improvement in the quality management system. 

Customer focus 

AmePower undertakes to consistently provide services that meet customer’s s requirements to enhance customer satisfaction. 

Statutory and regulatory requirements 

AmePower undertakes to fulfill the standards, orders and laws, statutory and regulatory requirements. 


The management shall perform evaluations to identify and provide required resources. Areas of focus include training employees, providing infrastructure necessary for the operation of its processes and to achieve conformity of products and services. 

Employee Involvement 

Employees at all levels are the foundation of AmePower and their complete awareness and involvement encourages the use of their capabilities to the benefit of the organization’s drive for improvement. Employees will be involved in decision making and improvement of the company quality management system. 


AmePower specializes in analyzing and comprehending customer needs. The company sets targets and supplies the correct product with an emphasis on comprehensive after-market services. The company policy is to provide its customers with professional services along the supply chain process, while utilizing the company’s own resources to the maximum level of effectiveness. 

Personal connection 

The creation of interpersonal relations with the customer is of utmost importance for the company employees. We develop relationships with our customers based on personal approach, integrity, fairness, caring and listening. 

Communicating the quality policy 

The quality policy shall be available and be maintained as documented information. 

The quality policy shall be understood and applied within the organization. 

The quality policy shall be available to relevant interested parties, as appropriate.

We are a ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certified organization.

We proudly display the logos of the certifications we achieve during our company evolution.

Norma ISO 9001
Norma ISO 14001
Norma ISO 45001
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