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We distinguish ourselves by offering High Quality Repair Solutions always adapted to our customer needs in terms of components lead time, budget and equipment life expectancy.


We repair down to component level and we are experts on repairing old and obsolete equipment such as:

  • Complete Converter Repair or Overhaul

  • Phase Modules Repairs

  • Auxiliary Power Supplies

  • High Voltage Power Supplies

  • Battery Chargers

Repair & Overhaul
AmePower Testing
AmePower Repairs
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AmePower Testing 2

The Mass transportation industry has been an important player through the past years on the implementation of new technologies satisfying the high demand for public transportation. Bearing in mind that many times the replacement of an entire fleet is not always the most viable or affordable option, Retrofitting old or obsolete power modules or complete traction/propulsion converters have become our most demanded solution.



Low Cost

  • The investment is much less that it would be purchasing a new power module or complete converter.

  • This solution maintains the original configuration, inputs, outputs and switching behavior of the equipment.

  • Planned scheduling and implementation with minimum downtime.

Easy, Safe Replacement


  • No Adaptation needed to Auxiliary Circuits

  • Anyone can install the units as they are supplied with assembly instructions and electric interconnection diagrams.

G.M - Luis Contreras

Safety Improvements

  • The structural configuration is improved if the original configuration requires it; otherwise, it will remain the same.

  • Use of the latest Power Electronic Components technology focused on safety and reliability.



  • Improved control over the switching behavior of the IGBTs, meaning less energy consumption, increased efficiency and better overall performance.

Maintenance & Repairs


  • Ease of maintenance and improved functionality of the system.

  • Cost reduction as spare parts continue to be available for much longer.

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Voltage Overshoot

  • Turn-on and turn-off dv/dt

  • Turn-on and turn-off di/dt

  • Switching Losses

  • Visual Inspection

  • Mechanical Inspection



It is important to mention that our retrofit services undergoes the same testing procedures as the OEM.

AmePower Phase Module.png

Our testing procedures are not just defined by the performance of its individual components of the system and it is often not sufficient merely to measure the key input and output values. In order for us to determine what is really failing, we perform what we call "In-Depth Analysis" which is the process to analyze different variables that could be affecting the system externally to accurately find the route of the problem implementing a reliable solution.

Our Testing Capabilities

  • Pulse Test up to 4KVdc 3000A or more

  • Continuous Testing @ 750Vdc 100KW

  • Thermotron Thermal Chamber

  • Fully Automated Test Bench

  • Vibration Table QRS-100T


New Converters

Coming Very Soon!



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AmePower is an official distributor of recognized Power Electronics Components Manufacturers around the world.

Our service goes beyond the selling process, we help our customers with the product selection based on product characteristics, lead time, and budget. We honor our manufacturers warranty and provide exceptional support on all our products.

  • Connectors

  • Insulators

  • Sockets

  • Heat Sink

  • Resistors

  • Thyristors

  • IGBT

  • Coils

  • Diodes

  • GTO

  • PCBs

  • Cables

  • Gate Drivers

  • Spacers

  • Custom Boards

  • Snubbers

  • Busbars

  • Capacitors

  • Power Supplies

  • Transformers

Need a quote?

Contract Manufacturing

AmePower is a leader contract manufacturer in the Power Electronics industry. We are totally committed to providing our customers with the best overall value and service. We are experts converting your design into a reality by following your specifications and industry standards.

  • State of the Art Facility with over 11,000 SQ Ft of Production Area

  • ISO 9001:2015 Effective Quality Management Procedures

  • Smart Tools Deployment in all Assembly Stations

  • 3D Assembly Simulation and Prototyping

  • Custom Part Number Implementation

  • ESD Flooring System

  • Private Label


AmePower Contract Manufacturin Proes


We have been working closely with the largest US Transit Agencies

NJ Transit
dc streetcars
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