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Re-Shaping the Future of Transit with Kinkisharyo & LA Metro

Updated: Mar 15

AmePower’s groundbreaking propulsion inverter technology has once again been proven a success, marking a significant milestone for Kinkisharyo International and LA Metro’s P2550 fleet. Our innovation and effective approach to problem-solving was evident in the successful execution of the Low-Speed Bump Test. Originally planned with a two-week timeframe, we efficiently completed and passed this initial test within an impressive 48 hours with no major problems and an outstanding propulsion performance.

This achievement is just the beginning! AmePower is Overhauling 100 Propulsion Inverters along with providing 100 Line Filter Reactors, 50 High-Speed Circuit Breakers, 100 Brake Resistors, 100 Center Truck Speed Sensors, and 200 Motored Truck Speed Sensors, including reserves for each. This leap enhances LA's transportation experience, particularly as the city gears up for the upcoming Olympics.

The synergy created through the collaboration and dedication of the Kinkisharyo team and LA Metro has been instrumental in achieving the outstanding success of this project. Together, we are re-shaping the future of transit solutions.


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