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Status: APPROVED! AmePower's First Article Inspection for LA Metro's P2550 Propulsion Inverter

Updated: Mar 18

AmePower welcomed key personnel from LA Metro and Kinkisharyo International to its headquarters in Miami, FL to conduct the First Article Inspection of AmePower's brand new, fully modernized propulsion subsystem for the P2550 Light Rail Vehicle. The inspection was a great success, showcasing next generation technology and innovation.

Setting ourselves apart from other OEM's, the AmePower team presented:

  • Live, full-power demonstrations of the equipment, with high-stress dynamic testing and thermal loading, showcasing the reliability and performance of the modernized AmePower propulsion inverter.

  • Detailed analytical breakdowns of the system’s dynamic performance, with deep dives into the rich signal and waveform data provided by our advanced fully customized test benches;

  • Fully transparent walkthroughs of our production floor, quality control, and testing departments, demonstrating our attention to detail, American-made craftsmanship, and highly advanced testing capabilities.

AmePower were commended for their operational accomplishments, striving well beyond the base requirements of the inspection, and providing peace of mind to car builders and authorities working with extremely demanding schedules.

It's thanks to our amazing team and innovative corporate structure that allows a small local business like ours to compete with multinational corporations on projects like these. The difference lies in our innovative culture, our talent, and our determination to always exceed expectations…. We Go Further!


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