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AmePower founders will be awarded as Florida’s Small Business Person of the Year 2023

Updated: Jan 5

AmePower's founders stand out among over 33 million small businesses, earning them the Small Business Persons of the Year 2023 title.

SBA Award Winners, AmePower Founders Karina Duration and Luis Contreras

The U.S. Small Business Administration recognizes Karina Doracio and Luis Contreras thanks to their innovative contribution to high-power energy solutions in favor of sustainable development in the USA and across the globe.

Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman, head of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) and voice in President Biden’s Cabinet for America’s 33 million small businesses, announced the 2023 Small Business Persons of the Year from each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico.

AmePower’s President, Karina Doracio, and CEO, Luis Contreras will be awarded as “Small Business Person of the Year” for both South Florida and the State of Florida for their stellar leadership of their business – an industry leading technology company providing innovative solutions in high power conversion that improve the efficiency and reliability of power electronic systems in the transportation and renewable energy sectors. AmePower’s founders Karina and Luis were recognized for their invaluable contribution, influence, and impact in the energy and transportation industries, developing custom solutions that solve complex problems related to areas such as Rail, Wind Turbine, Solar, Energy Storage Solutions and EV Chargers.

“Our 2023 State Small Business Persons of the Year have given their all to achieve their American dream — to own and build a strong, resilient business; create jobs; increase competition and innovation and power America’s historic economic recovery. These incredible entrepreneurs show the vibrancy and grit of our nation’s small businesses…they are powering our economy” said Administrator Guzman.


Celebrating 20 years in business, AmePower was founded in 2002 and commenced its operations with a focused expertise on Power Electronics. As entrepreneurs and strategic thinkers, Karina and Luis have always embodied the spirit of innovation and began to develop innovative technical solutions for their clients, and now design and manufacture power electronics systems for some of the world’s most notable global technology firms.

AmePower serves some of the nation’s most recognized transit authorities including LA Metro, New Jersey Transit, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority, RTD Denver, Tren Urbano in Puerto Rico, and internationally. AmePower is also a Buy America compliant manufacturer, providing manufacturing services for overseas clients that contribute to the international business development landscape. Their current operations function as a central piece to the assurance of resilience in infrastructure and transportation both within the U.S. and abroad.


Karina was born and raised in Argentina. An ambitious, practical and solutions-oriented leader with an unwavering dedication to improving our planet through sustainable development, Karina is passionate about making a positive global impact through the work they do.

"I’m very grateful to the U.S. SBA for this award and the recognition of our work, to Brian Van Hook for nominating us, our team for their hard work and bringing our vision to life, and our family who is our rock" mentioned Karina Doracio

Luis, seasoned executive with more than 30 years of experience in the Technical and Business Development fields, left his home country of Venezuela 25 years ago with hopes and dreams which have been realized through the hard work and dedication invested in AmePower. He is committed to developing technologically advanced solutions that surpass any design challenge and fosters a ‘solutions-focused approach’ throughout the company.

About the award, Luis Contreras stated, "To design and manufacture a reliable product is the number one priority of AmePower, and to be recognized for that is an honor. This would not be possible without our Partner and CTO Juan Munoz, who has surpassed all expectation in overseeing our entire technology department, and of course our team of very talented individuals who consistently go further in all they do."


For two consecutive years, AmePower has been recognized as one of South Florida’s Top Manufacturers, being awarded in 2022 as Top 3 Manufacturer of the Year by the South Florida Manufacturers Association (SFMA), and again a finalist in 2023. They have been granted certificates of recognition by Miami-Dade County’s Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, the City of Doral; and presented with the Key to Miami-Dade County for its notable contribution to the economic and environmental business landscape at both local and international levels.


AmePower is a thriving family business as a result of the resilience and tenacity of its founders, always in the search of generating a positive impact on future generations and for our planet. Karina Doracio and Luis Contreras will be recognized with two official awards during the recognition ceremony of the National Small Business Week in Washington, D.C. held on April 30 and 1st. May 2023.

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