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AmePower Represents North America as Leading Propulsion Inverter Technology Firm at InnoTrans 2022

Updated: Jan 12

Berlin, Germany

During the week of September 20 to 23, 2022, AmePower took part in one of the globe’s leading events in the transportation industry, with a focus for this year’s event on Sustainable Mobility. The InnoTrans Convention, held in Berlin, Germany, hosted more than two thousand exhibitors from 56 countries, with their main objective being to foster global innovation related to sustainability and reliability in the transportation industry, specifically rail and public transport.

AmePower Represents North America as Leading Propulsion Inverter Technology Firm at InnoTrans 2022

Founder and CEO of AmePower, Luis Contreras, along with its Chief Technology Officer Juan Munoz, participated in the event, representing AmePower as a US-based international leader in the engineering, design, development, manufacturing, retrofitting and testing of Propulsion Inverters. Their innovation and solutions-driven designs were a key component of their work showcased at InnoTrans 2022, highlighting specifically their work with SIEMENS and other OEMs in the rail transportation sector that is used in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

AmePower at InnoTrans 2022 with Juan Munoz and Luis Contreras

One of the challenges in the industry has been the obsolescence of the power electronics heavily utilized in the propulsion systems of Light Rail Vehicle (LRV), Heavy Rail Vehicles (HRV), Commuter Trains, Locomotives, Trams and Street Cars. To mitigate the interruption of service and propel the industry forward, the infrastructure bill introduced by the Federal US Government has been key in facilitating the continued modernizations, mid-life overhauls and hybridization of diesel-electric locomotives required in this sector. AmePower has been focused on bringing new technologies to the table and continuously improving these components for optimal lifecycle functionality and reliability, while also complying with Buy America Requirements and providing local support for non-US companies.

AmePower’s rapidly growing operation in their state-of-the-art facility strategically located in Miami, Florida, easily facilitates business development between Europe and America, acting as a hub between the two regions to align with the global push to renewable energy and sustainability goals. Their participation at InnoTrans 2022 confirmed the great need for further collaboration between the USA and Europe to develop partnerships to merge the two markets. During the InnoTrans Convention, EU Transport Commissioner Adina Vălean stated,

“In the years to come, rail transport will be the focus of European transport policy and InnoTrans, the leading international trade fair for transport technology, provides a valuable insight into how our plans will become reality… making rail transport and public transport more sustainable and resilient.”

As stated by InnoTrans director Kerstin Shulz, “InnoTrans provides a market coverage that is unparalleled anywhere in the world”, and with over 140,000 visitors it was an occasion to bring innovation and vision to the forefront. Overall, the convention was a great success and AmePower had the opportunity to display their unique expertise and build new relationships that will further support their development of high-tech propulsion upgrades and traction converters, and innovative solutions that will affect global change.


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